Unreasonable Institute_logoWe are very happy to forward a message by our friends from the Unreasonable Institute and recommend their amazing program to everybody starting a venture that will benefit mankind.

Dear entrepreneurs,


I sincerely hope this email finds you well and that you don’t mind an out of the blue email like this! My name is Tyler Hartung. I’m one of the co-founders of the Unreasonable Institute and I recently connected with Philipp Schöffmann of INEX and encouraged him to connect us with entrepreneurs that he knows that are most fitting for our program.  That’s exactly for that reason that I’m writing you now.  In short, I’d like to extend to you a personal invitation to apply for the 2011 Unreasonable Institute!

By way of background, the Unreasonable Institute is a mentor-intensive acceleration program for early-stage entrepreneurs from around the world tackling social and environmental problems. Each year, we unite 25 entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to live under the same roof for six weeks. These entrepreneurs receive training from 60 world-class mentors, form relationships with 30 investment funds, receive legal advice & design consulting, and pitch to hundreds of investors and partners in entrepreneurial hubs in the US and gain global exposure. Our goal is to enable these ventures to sustain themselves financially and to measurably improve the lives of at least one million people.

To help you determine whether or not the Unreasonable Institute is for you, below I’ve included some information about what happened at our first Institute this past summer and what you could expect from the 2011 Institute.

Unreasonable Institute: An Overview of the Past & Present
What happened at the 2010 Unreasonable Institute:

  •  22 entrepreneurs launching ventures in 15 countries attended the Institute. Examples of Unreasonable Fellows include a Nigerian Ashoka Fellow broadcasting market and agricultural information to over 250,000 farmers, a Venezuelan scientist developing a handheld DNA diagnostic device capable of detecting infectious diseases for a few dollars per test, and an Echoing Green Fellow converting agricultural waste into fertile topsoil and clean-burning fuel through a carbon negative process.
  • In just 3 months, 60% of Unreasonable Fellows seeking it have received funding. 9 out of 15 Fellows seeking funding received investment in the three months since the Institute has ended.  But we aren’t stopping there: we have made changes to increase the speed and likelihood with which our fellows secure funding (see “30 Impact Investment funds” below).
  • See for yourself what happened at the 2010 Institute. Watch our 3-minute trailer from the Unreasonable.tv series.
  • See what 2010 Unreasonable Fellow had to say about their experience and how they’ve fared since the Unreasonable Institute ended 3 months ago.

What you can expect at the 2011 Unreasonable Institute:

  • NEW: A 6-week (last year it was 10 weeks) Institute of training, mentorship, free legal advice, premier design & prototype consulting, and significant opportunities to acquire capital. The shorter time allows people to get in, get training/mentors/capital, and get back to their markets!
  • 60 mentors including Greg Miller, co-founder of Google.org; Paul Polak, who’s enabled over 24 million farmers to move out of poverty; and Bob Pattillo, founder of the $400 million impact investment fund Gray Ghost Ventures (NEW: and more exciting ones that we cannot announce yet :-)
  • NEW: 30 impact investment funds coming to the Unreasonable Institute to form relationships with its Fellows. The goal is to create relationships with these organizations before you ever have to ask them for funding and secure their help you in making your venture highly-investable not only for your next round, but even beyond!
  • Pitch to a roomful of Investors in San Francisco and Boulder. As an Unreasonable Fellow, you will have the chance to pitch to hundreds of investors, funders, and partners in two of the United States’ most entrepreneurial cities, San Francisco and Boulder.  Investors from around the nation will attend these e
  • Free legal advice
  • NEW: Consulting from premier organizations
  • An incredible family of Unreasonable Entrepreneurs. As an Unreasonable Fellow, you will  live under the same roof for a summer with 24 world-class peers dedicated to launching ventures that will measurably improve the lives of at least a million people. And if this year was any indication, believe us when they say that they’ll do anything for you.

Our application deadline is December 15th. You can see our eligibility criteria here and apply here. If you have any questions at all, I only request one thing: that you don’t hesitate to email me. Whether or not you decide to apply to the Unreasonable Institute, I would consider an honor to hear about your work!

My best to you,

Tyler Hartung