Network Partners

The International Network for Educational Exchange (INEX) is constantly expanding and including new outstanding partners of various fields. Together we focus on achieving our mission to “identify, inspire, educate and empower change makers”.

Below please find a selection of network partners and supporters of the INEX vision:



In times when solutions to political and economic as well as social and ecological problems can no longer be solved within the national frameworks, when integration and globalization are leading paradigms, young people are expected to be dynamic and open-minded. The United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria and Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs was set up in 1991 to face these challenges. The organization is a founding member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations – Youth (WFUNA-YOUTH) and INEX partner since 2007.



The world’s largest student organisation, spanning over 800 universities and 100 countries, dedicated to building international understanding and cooperation by providing young people with the tools and opportunities to become globally-minded, responsible leaders and connecting them to organizations worldwide. Founded in 1948 by students determined that the world would never go to war again, their vision was an organization that would work towards peace and the fulfilment of Humankind’s potential by creating rich learning environments where its members naturally pick up new values and a broader, more mature knowledge of different cultures and opinions. AIESEC and INEX joined forces in 2007 and are working together to create learning opportunities for future leaders.


APAIR – Academic Project for Austrian and International Relations is a registered non-profit organisation.
We make a contribution to international collaboration by supporting students and young professionals who have close ties to Austria in participating in international conferences. As a result we enhance Austria’s competitiveness. This ambitious objective is reached by establishing a network between APAIR members, via providing guidance through the application process of international conferences and by granting scholarships to outstanding delegates for their participation in international conferences. As a consequence of this APAIR fosters the intellectual dialogue and the amicable relationships between the decision-makers of tomorrow.
APAIR is the official partner club of HPAIR – Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations.

APAIR_logoThe Academic Project for Austrian and International Relations (APAIE) is a registered non-profit organisation contributing to international collaboration. By supporting students and young professionals and facilitating their participation in international conferences APAIR enhances Austria’s competitiveness. This ambitious objective is reached by establishing a network between APAIR members, via providing guidance through the application process of international conferences and by granting scholarships to outstanding delegates. APAIR fosters the intellectual dialogue and the amicable relationships between the decision-makers of tomorrow. APAIR is the official partner club of HPAIR – Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations.

A Soul for Europe

A Soul for Europe

An initiative including leading European politicians and decision-makers from all areas of society, resulting in the launch of joint discussions and campaigns. A Soul for Europe believes that the power of culture must be harnessed for the European integration more efficiently and all fields of policy beyond the cultural sector, from social to foreign affairs, must develop a cultural component. At the very heart of the A Soul for Europe Initiative is the Strategy Group: 55 civil society actors from 21 countries from the areas of culture, politics, business, research and media. From bases in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Porto and Tbilisi the “A Soul for Europe” Initiative is building an international network of European cities and regions, the cultural sector and business as well as European policy-makers.

Association for the Conservation and Protection of the Esquinas Rainforest in Costa Rica

Rainforest of the Austrians

Conservation, climate protection, research, ecotourism and regional development united in one single project – this is what the Association and its initiative Rainforest of the Austrians stands for. Founded by Professor Michael Schnitzler in 1991, and partly funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation, the organization has not only been able to protect large stretches of one of the last tropical forests in Central America that still reaches all the way to the Pacific coast but has also set up the La Gamba Biological Research Station in 1993, realized the Esquinas Rainforest Lodge ecotourism project with job opportunities for unemployed locals and far-reaching local development opportunities, and has implemented and financed projects in La Gamba with the goal of bettering the living standard of the people. INEX is proud to support this initiative with its INEX Rainforest Initiative.

Dream Academia

Dream Academia_logo

“Can you imagine a society, in which everybody does exactly what he loves to do?” Our partners from Dream Academia believe we can achieve this goal by inspiring as many people as possible to reflect their personal life visions. They do this by presenting them extraordinary people at events and on their platform. Once inspired, they are linked with like minded people and mentors who help them on their way. They believe that in today’s world almost every dream has the chance to be fulfilled. With TEDxPannonia, Dream Academia has put up an event that lifts the most extraordinary and revolutionary ideas and dreams to the top. We took our chance to get involved with them in 2010 and hope you will be inspired by their work as well. Take your chance and let your dreams come true as well.

Ecosocial Forum Europe


Based on the widely accepted social market economy, an Ecosocial Market Economy takes corrective action where the market forces do not lead to sustainable results. It aims at an equitable balance between economy, social issues and ecology. In this sense, the Ecosocial Market Economy is rooted not only in a comprehensively conceived EU Lisbon Strategy, but also in the EU draft constitution and in the EU strategy for sustainable development – and therefore forms an alternative to market fundamentalism. The Ecosocial Forum Europe is a non-party platform aiming at disseminating the concept of such principles and establishing them in a political design. Its network consists of establishments in Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Among others its board comprises of Franz Fischler (former European Union’s Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries) and Josef Riegler (Vice Chancellor of Austria). INEX, the Forum and its student initiative (the Ecosocial Students Forum) work together to educate the next generation’s leaders.

Global Marshall Plan

Global Marshall Plan

First devised by former American Vice-President Al Gore in his bestselling book “Earth in the Balance” the Global Marshall Plan is aiming at improved and binding frameworks for the global economy to create balance between economy, environment, society and culture. To achieve this the Global Marshall Plan combines a functional and coherent global governance structure with appropriate reforms and intelligent interlinking of UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank and ILO and UNEP standards with the raising of an additional 100 billion US$ a year in order to co-finance development. The Global Marshall Plan aims at a better design of globalization and of world economic processes in terms of a worldwide Ecosocial Market Economy, which meets the expectation of sustainability of economic as well as social and ecological policies. This involves an improved global structural framework including sustainable development, elimination of poverty, environmental protection and equity.

Hanken University

Hanken is a leading, internationally accredited university in the field of economics and business administration. The relation of international students is higher than in any other Finnish business university. Hanken’s research operations are of an internationally high standard and it maintains close and intensive links with the business world. Hanken was the first Finnish business school whose quality assurance system was audited. For a university with clear international ambitions, it is natural to be among the first and best within a quality work that all universities within the European Union are to goHeadquarters Campus, through during the next few years. Hanken’s European accreditation, EQUIS, in combination with an approved quality system makes the university even stronger. Hanken has worked with INEX since 2006 and has since then been sending Master level students to INEX programs in Costa Rica. Valuing INEX programs in Central America Hanken was also the first University to sponsor participation in the ISU Costa Rica program and issue full scholarships to its students.

INCAE Business School

INCAE azul Founded in 1964 as an initiative of the Central American business community and governments, with support from President John F. Kennedy and direct advice from Harvard University Business School, INCAE is recognized as a leading business school in Latin America, according to various independent rankings. For four years in a row it has been selected as the best business school, according to América Economía magazine, and for the second time it came up tenth in the global ranking of international business schools developed by the Wall Street Journal magazine. INCAE is voluntarily accredited by the main three global academic quality evaluators:SACS, AACSB and EQUIS. Some 95% of INCAE faculty members hold doctoral degrees, with 75% of them graduated from Ivy League institutions (41% with Harvard PhD’s) and the rest coming from worldwide prestigious universities, particularly the best European universities. Apart from hosting many other internationally renowned institutions INCAE also hosts the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS). INEX has joined forces with INCAE in 2008 for its INEX Young Leaders Program at INCAE.


JADE_Austria_logoJADE – the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises is a non-profit international umbrella-organisation of enterprises established and managed by students. The European network is currently composed of 16 Confederations (Countries) and Consultative Members from Europe, summing up 280 Junior Enterprises. JADE Austria currently counts icons, Stucon, Kepler Solutions and uniforce Junior Enterprise to its members. JADE Austria lobbies for their support, monitors the quality management process of the four Junior Enterprises and connects the Junior Enterprise members through several events and initiatives. On a more broader level JADE Austria organizes the two flagship recruiting events Consulting Live! and Audit Live!

oikos International


oikos is an international student organization for sustainable economics and management and a leading reference point for the promotion of sustainability change agents. Headquartered at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland oikos International is the umbrella organization of currently more than 20 oikos Local Chapters in Africa, Asia and Europe. Its activities consist of networking, education and research. Among others oikos organizes lectures, conferences, simulation games, seminars, as well as practice-oriented learning projects. These activities are conducted within the framework of a constructive and open-minded dialogue and reflect local realities. They enable students to network with representatives from academia, business, NGOs, politics and media. While most of these activities are organized on a local level and may vary from year to year, oikos pursues several international key projects on an ongoing basis to empower students as change agents and drive institutional change. oikos PhD fellow Martin Herrndorf is member of the INEX Advisory Board.

Passive Buildings Canada

Passive Buildings Canada is a federally incorporated non-profit organization. A grassroots, member-based volunteer organization in which democratic members elect a board of directors to oversee operations. It is modeled after other successful similar organizations such as IG Passivhaus Österreich (Austria Passive House Information Group) and CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council). Their mission is to promote and support environmentally neutral building designs and construction by encouraging the design, construction, renovation, and verification of buildings to the Passive House standard in Canada. The Passive House methodologies can be applied to buildings of all types, including homes, hotels, office buildings, schools, institutional buildings, and more.They offer a first point of contact for Passive House information and communications network for members, access to wealth of knowledge among membership base. Members include builders, trades, manufacturers, architects, engineers, building scientists, project managers, consultants, government representatives, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and share a common goal of making all buildings achieve the Passive House standard. INEX joined forces with Passive Buildings Canada in 2011 for it’s Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University which provides first hand Passivhaus training.


SENStation is an online social media platform inspiring people about social entrepreneurship and positive change. SENStation serves as a place where like-minded people may share their social ideas and develop sustainable business models. We facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, and provide access to feedback and funding from our community and a variety of partners. We want to benefit all our stakeholders in the process, from bringing small entrepreneurial projects to life to help grow social reputation of large organizations.To bring ‘SENS to Life’ means to empower minds and people to see opportunity in problems. This will allow them to focus on the positive side of life through bringing creative and sustainable solutions to real life problems. We want to unite students and alumni to create a sustainable future. Students/alumnis/employees representing different various academic disciplines joined SENStation to set up their own social entrepreneurial projects or help currently developing ones through submitting resources, providing guidance, financing or joining project teams. Many of them visit SENStation to get inspired and inspire others through sending positive news or constructive feedback to projects and the community. They have access to all non-paid features of the platform. INEX joined forces with SENStation in 2011 for Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University and INEX Sustainability Challenge which inspire the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI)

SERISERI’s mission is to carry out applied sustainability research and to provide holistic answers for questions addressing such challenging issues concerning climate change and resource scarcity from a social, environmental and economic perspective. As an important part of its work, SERI measures human resource use and analyses how the use of different resources (such as water, land, metals or minerals) can be improved, for example in the production of goods and services, by industries or countries as a whole. SERI’s activities focus on the transformation of Europe in its local, national and global context and are implemented in a framework revolving around European, national and international research and cooperation projects. The organization’s vision of sustainability means enjoying life through a conscious approach to dealing with oneself, one another and our natural environment.



Driven by the need for change in existing mind sets STARTeurope challenges traditional perspectives. The organization’s vision is to activate and foster entrepreneurial thinking and to bridge the gap between different disciplines. With the premise of “innovation through collaboration” STARTeurope tries to make a difference by establishing a community of diverse people, sensitize them to entrepreneurship and to alternative career paths – and boosts local economies by helping local entrepreneurs to start up their own business. Together with their partners STARTeurope advocates for a social climate in which entrepreneurial spirit and courage are stronger recognized and supported.



TckTckTck is an unprecedented global alliance, representing hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life. It is made up of leading international, national and local organizations addressing environment, development, poverty, human rights, health and humanitarian issues. It represents faith-based groups, youth groups, trade unions and individuals all calling for a fair, ambitious and bindingclimate change agreement in December 2009 in Copenhagen. TckTckTck is a project of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), a bold, new initiative involving a growing number of national and global organizations in support of a single goal: to mobilize civil society and to galvanize public opinion in support of transformational change and rapid action to save the planet from dangerous levels of climate change. INEX has become part of the tcktcktck movement in order to reach a deal at the UN Climage Change conference in Copenhagen and set concrete actions against climate change.

Uni Management Club Vienna (UNIMC)

LOGO_UNIMC_4C_WIENThe Uni Management Club Vienna (UNIMC Vienna) is an interdisciplinary student organization, which appeals to visionary students and young professionals interested in economics and politics who are willing to take responsibility for themselves and the society as the leaders of tomorrow. The team of the UNIMC Vienna encourages the exchange between our members and top executives of well-established companies, politicians and researchers. Moreover the events serve as a think-tank for today’s decision-makers and those of tomorrow. The aim is to support members’ personal and professional development so we can all face tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. UNIMC’s future conference Win2 now also includes a strong focus on Sustainable Development.

University for Peace (U PEACE)


Headquartered in Costa Rica, the United Nations-mandated University for Peace was established in December 1980 as a Treaty Organization by the UN General Assembly. Efforts to establish the University for Peace began at the United Nations under the leadership of the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Carazo. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, is the Honorary President of the University for Peace. The Council has defined an innovative programme of education, training and research for peace, focused on key issues, including conflict-prevention, human security, human rights, environmental security and post-conflict rehabilitation. In addition to the activities at the Costa Rica Headquarters Campus, UPEACE works with an increasing number of partners in various parts of the world to ensure that the UPEACE mission is extended to reach as many individuals and institutions as possible. INEX is one of these partners, with Rolain Borel (Head of the Department of Environment, Peace and Security and Acting Rector) as member of the INEX Advisory Board.

Unreasonable Institute

Unreasonable Institute_logo

The annual Unreasonable Institute unites exceptional, young entrepreneurs in the beautiful, entrepreneurial city of Boulder, Colorado. During that time, they live and work with dozens of world-class mentors, pitch their ventures to hundreds of investors in San Francisco and Boulder, obtain legal advice and design consulting, form relationships with up to 30 impact investment funds, and prepare to launch financially self-sustaining, globally scalable ventures that an serve the needs of at least one million people. At the Institute the goal is to put the right pieces in place to ensure their ventures take flight.eady to Act? The WSC-SD is a multi-disciplinary network of motivated students with the ability to think and act both locally and globally, and who share the vision to make a difference. The organization’s purpose is to be a leading international student organization that carries out meaningful projects, which result in positive and enduring changes that improve lives and communities around the world. The WSC-SD currently exists of 14 member and partner student communities at leading universities globally. INEX has partnered up with WSC-SD in 2009 after meetings at UN conferences to create a common ground for young initiatives.

World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD)


Ready to Act? The WSC-SD is a multi-disciplinary network of motivated students with the ability to think and act both locally and globally, and who share the vision to make a difference. The organization’s purpose is to be a leading international student organization that carries out meaningful projects, which result in positive and enduring changes that improve lives and communities around the world. The WSC-SD currently exists of 14 member and partner student communities at leading universities globally. INEX has partnered up with WSC-SD in 2009 after meetings at UN conferences to create a common ground for young initiatives.

Other Partners within the INEX Network

  • Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft
  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  • Bauhaus Universität Weimar
  • Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus
  • Freie Universität Berlin
  • Fiedrich Schiller Universität Jena
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main
  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
  • Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  • Montanuniversität Leoben
  • Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
  • Rheinsch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)
  • Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Universität Augsburg
  • Universität Bayreuth
  • Universität Bremen
  • Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • Universität Erfurt
  • Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Universität Graz
  • Universität Hamburg
  • Universität Heidelberg
  • Universität Rostock
  • Technische Universität Berlin
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Technische Universität Clausthal
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Technische Universität Dortmund
  • Technische Universität Dresden
  • Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH)
  • Hochschule Augsburg
  • Hochschule Bremen
  • Hochschule Bremerhaven
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • DePaul University IIII
  • Vanderbilt University – Owen Graduate School of Management
  • McGill University III
  • University of Illinois II
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • North Carolina State University II
  • University of Tulsa II
  • University of Florida
  • University of Wisconsin / Madison
  • University of British Columbia
  • New York University II
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Richmond IIII
  • Duke University II
  • York University II
  • Indiana University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Calgary IIII
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Miami at Florida
  • George Washington University III
  • Babson College
  • University of Maryland II
  • University of California at Irvine II
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Iowa