INEX Method©

The INEX Method represents a holistic model targeted towards high impact learning for sustainable development. It is based on profound academic research by world-leading scientists, supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF), awarded by UNESCO and others – and backed by years of experience in the field.


Scarcity of resources, climate change, loss of biodiversity, financial instability, war and terror top news reports globally. Our world faces crises on a level unseen ever before by mankind. Sustainable development has been defined as the only way to ensure a worthwhile future for ourselves and coming generations. Such a development includes a society based on life-long learning and behavior changes towards sustainable lifestyles, politics focused on humanistic values and companies striving for long-term profits in accordance with ecological bounderies and social requirements. The most promising tool and leverage to achieve this has been defined as education for sustainable development. The INEX Method represents an award-winning integrated approach that allows for application in primary and higher education, non-formal setting as well as corporate development.

Scientific Approach

When creating an educational model that supports Sustainable Development, this trend has to be seen in terms of its societal function and its main assumptions. The scientific foundation of the model is rooted in a view of society that positivisticly acknowledges the existence of a changing external reality that is experiencing certain environmental and societal changes. Systemic adaptability however is granted though intentional personal agency as a key driver to change. The model therefore offers a process oriented dynamic perspective of personal and societal change that overcomes the epistemic duality of determinism and constructivistim for being built around an integral perspective on science, society and its Sustainable Development.

Authors and Use

The INEX Method was developed by Fabienne Babinsky and Philipp Schoeffmann. Please see the team section of the INEX website for a short bio and contact information.

If you are interested in using this model for your own learning agendas, organizational development or sustainability challenges please make sure to contact us. Customized models based on the INEX Method can be developed upon request.


INEX Sustainability Challenge
Identifying, inspiring, educating and empowering scholars, students and companies.

INEX Summer University in Costa Rica
Identifying, inspiring, educating and empowering change makers in Latin America.

OeAD/INEX Green. Building. Solutions.
Identifying, inspiring, educating and empowering architects form around the world.

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