Table Tennis for Exchange Students

Table tennis is a great social sport that creates memorable experiences for its players. Whether you are an exchange student searching for new cultural experience or a host looking to develop a lifelong connection, table tennis is the best choice for a fun and inexpensive game.
What’s more, table tennis is an open and welcoming game that everyone can play irrespective of their age or gender. According to a study published by Statista, the number of table tennis participants in the United States alone is approximately 16.07 million annually. Since most exchange students face obstacles bridging culture gaps, table tennis can be used as a social sport to make new friends of all ages.
The game is also ideal for exchange students because table tennis equipment is relatively affordable and easily accessible. A lightweight paddle is essential for providing more control of the ball and building your grip. The paddles provided may not be as good as you would like them to be. It is therefore important to bring your own paddle. There is a wide variety of lightweight models of the paddle on the market you can choose from.
Taking part in table tennis improves the international experience for all exchange students. Benefits of exchange students playing table tennis include;
Helps with culture shock
As an exchange student, you have to adapt to a new culture which may include changing your daily routines, adapting to a strange climate and learning new social interaction rules.
Experiencing a completely new culture, however, can be grueling and culture shock can quickly become one of the greatest obstacles you have to face. Fortunately, table tennis is a fun and healthy distraction. The game is a great way to unwind and make new friends which will prevent the disorienting feelings and stress that lead to culture shock.
Improves overall health
Playing table tennis provides exchange students with a healthy study experience. The moderate intense activity offered by the game helps in maintaining good cardiovascular and overall health. The game is also ideal for burning calories and improving core strength.
Improves skills
One of the main objectives of student exchange programs is to broaden the students’ skills, knowledge, and experience. For exchange students who are new to table tennis, the game provides a significant opportunity for skills development. Table tennis improves a number of skills including; hand-eye coordination, motor control, footwork, reflexes, and balance.
Keeps the brain sharp
According to Dr Daniel G. Amen, a renowned psychiatrist, and table tennis enthusiast, table tennis is the world’s best brain sport. In his book entitled ”The Best Brain Sport”, Dr. Daniel explains that table tennis stimulates different parts of the brain simultaneously which leads to increased brain functioning.
The prefrontal cortex, part of the brain responsible for decision-making and strategic planning, is relied on for planning the next move and anticipating of an opponent’s shooting. The aerobic movements stimulate the parietal lobes which are responsible for processing sensory information in the body and the hippocampus area which is responsible for long-term memory.

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